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If you are genuinely curious, through conversation ask people what they are working on/why/questions about how they conduct their research. If you are interested in that topic and/or want to learn how to do certain experimental/research techniques, share this with them (when I worked in a lab, a PI in another lab eventually let me work in her lab/trained me on a few techniquesbecause I told her that it was what I wanted to do).

Cuomo defended himself when he was verbally attacked with the use of an ethnic slur in an orchestrated set up, he wrote. completely support him. users were quick to resurface clips of others, including Donald Trump Jr, being referred to as on CNN even by a guest on Cuomo own show.Devin Nunes was referred to as "Fredo" on CNN in March.

Dr. Seyedeh Maryamdokht (Nazanin) Taimoory (2016 )Nazanin was born in Sari, Iran and raised in the capital, Tehran. in pure chemistry from Tehran Azad University, North Branch and her Master's degree in organic chemistry from Sharif University of Technology, an internationally renowned research institution, with Prof. Firouz Matloubi Moghaddam. Her research focused on the synthesis and identification of novel heterocyclic compounds of potential biological interest. After graduation, she was involved in numerous collaborations at different universities working on different research projects preparing chemicals with unique physical properties. She also lectured at Payam Nour University of Tehran and Azad University of Varamin, Iran. in organic chemistry as a Trillium Ontario Scholar at Brock University with Prof. Travis Dudding. Her doctoral work in computational modeling examined various chemical and organic molecules and studied the precise mechanism of asymmetric processes. These advanced quantum mechanical methods were used to provide mechanistic insight into the chemical reactivity and selectivity of host guest hydrogen bonded complex molecules and catalytic systems. As a member of the Trant Team, she will be primarily working on designing novel artificial amino acids using in silico techniques and synthesizing these materials to develop a new class of therapeutics for auto immune disorders

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