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  4. Friday, 03 January 2020
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This paper aims to improve the prediction of rectal temperature (Tre) from insulated skin runescape 07 gold temperature (Tis) and micro climate temperature (Tmc) previously reported (Richmond et al., Insulated skin temperature as a measure of core body temperature for individuals wearing CBRN protective clothing. Physiol Meas 2013; 34:1531 43.) using additional physiological and/or environmental variables, under several clothing and climatic conditions.

A lot of you may zip out a comment on this blog, send it off into cyberspace and think that I and the other readers never actually reflect on your opinions. With a lot of the dross, that's true. However, some of your more thoughtful posts and emails stay with me for days, sometimes weeks. One comment in particular, from a woman who freely admits she loathes this blog, has been like spun glass in my eye for weeks now. She was quoting Naomi Wolf's Beauty Myth when she said, and I'm paraphrasing here: "A survey was conducted of men and women asking them what was their biggest fear about the opposite sex. Men said they were scared of being laughed at by females. The women's greatest fear about men? 'That they will kill us'." Whether this is true for the majority of females, I don't know, but I haven't been able to get it out of my head for weeks .

StartupThe very first thing you notice with Windows 8 is that it boots a lot faster than Windows 7 (or Vista or XP, if you still part of the significant minority hanging onto either). This is partly because of the shift to UEFI (from BIOS), but primarily because of a clever tweak to the boot process. If you still using a mechanical hard drive, your boot time will probably go from around 30 seconds to 15 20 seconds. If you using an SSD, boot generally takes less than 10 seconds.

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