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Rappers dominate the list of top men in 2007, including Tupac Shakur and 50 Cent who reemerge on this year's list after fading in 2006. However, notably absent from the list of most searched mean in 2007 is Howard Stern. While Stern consistently ranks number one as the most popular talk radio personality with web users year after year, this marks the first time Stern has failed to generate enough online interest to make the year end list of top search terms.The biggest news story of 2007, based on web search activity, was the Execution of Saddam Hussein.

My youngest does too. I have told him no more. Some NUTJOBS started calling me up and screaming at him then me. Their youngest son put the family password out, had credit card info, acct info, etc. They claim my son MUST have seen it and was the only one that could have used it or. We have no idea what they are talking about.

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Natural killer (NK) cells belong to innate immunity and exhibit cytolytic activity against infectious pathogens and tumor cells. NK cell function is finely tuned by receptors that transduce inhibitory or activating signals, such as killer immunoglobulin like receptors, NK Group 2 member D (NKG2D), NKG2A/CD94, NKp46, and others, and recognize both foreign and self antigens expressed by NK susceptible targets. Recent insights into NK cell developmental intermediates have translated into a more accurate definition of culture conditions for the in vitro generation and propagation of human NK cells. In this respect, interleukin (IL) 15 and IL 21 are instrumental in driving NK cell differentiation and maturation, and hold great promise for the design of optimal NK cell culture protocols. Cytokine induced killer (CIK) cells possess phenotypic and functional hallmarks of both T cells and NK cells. Similar to T cells, they express CD3 and are expandable in culture, while not requiring functional priming for in vivo activity, like NK cells. CIK cells may offer some advantages over other cell therapy products, including ease of in vitro propagation and no need for exogenous administration of IL 2 for in vivo priming. NK cells and CIK cells can be expanded using a variety of clinical grade approaches, before their infusion into patients with cancer. Herein, we discuss GMP compliant strategies to isolate and expand human NK and CIK cells for immunotherapy purposes, focusing on clinical trials of adoptive transfer to patients with hematological malignancies.

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