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  Saturday, 10 October 2020
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Why don't they simply make F2P sports games with microtransactions? They will surely make more money compared to selling standalone because of the nba 2k21 mt larger playerbase It is always funny to listen to people bitch about mtx in Fifa, etc. and then they go and purchase the next one, wash repeat.Though it isn't exclusive to just sports games players. With todays study into ML as well as the datasample they get from xqc in this case they need to be able to identify every characteristic almost perfectly.

I purchased 2k20 at like 15 bucks after taking a hiatus in another ones. Not fucking worth it. I play MyCareer and I absolutely hate that it is an internet only mode, which is basically a"two year lease" until they pull the plug. Is that too much to ask for? No, I don't want to have the neighborhood. Make MyPark a different mode. Requiring online judt because of the money and a style I hardly use is so fucking bullshit. I am guessing they put a filter onto the audio to avert a takedown since there is several music playing the game? Is this really the state of this officially licensed sports sport? Him setting up multiple angles and even the lighting to perform so scan was such a fantastic build-up for this conclusion result.Is it likely to be a convention at which xQc does the face scan every new 2k game and it's completely different from him?

That's because he probably has not. Have you ever seen the pile of garbage which builds up on the floor ? He doesn't even put things in a garbage can. He is like one giant chunk of grease. I wish people would quit behind 2K (till they put out adequate gameplay) and I want EA could put out a great Live. I remember when 2K used to be great. It's actually sad how it's become worse through the years. Isnt it too dim in the room so the cheap nba 2k21 mt coins scanner thinks his skin tone is darker than in fact?

Or did they shut the light for face scanning lol. I am pretty sure that it only automatically ends up black unless you specifically decide on a white haracter before hand. My brother are both white and when we did our scan it enerated as a black dude. Wonder every time a new game will come out to give us a few interesting clips.
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