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"I think there are lessons that gamers learn within virtual environments that are relevant to what people are now starting to see in corporations," he says."For example the ability to bring together distributed groups of individuals often who are on a volunteer or semi volunteer basis to be able to make more rapid decisions under conditions of uncertainty. To incorporate and use different sources of data and make decisions rapidly. To recognise people for their contribution. To be able to motivate."

So for "reasons", I have recently become interested in the idea of simplifying D rules that would be optimizing the available resources for play in your average jail. Which is to say, paper and pen, playing card deck, like maybe one of these things, a couple odd Scrabble tiles, and nothing else. Would want to retain a D style of playing the odds, so trying to avoid anything like pure storytelling rulesets. Squashing a lot of stuff out like constitution checks, etc since each session could typically only be about 90 minutes tops.

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