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A few months before, Maureen had started messaging on Kik with a tall, athletic boy in her class. They weren't officially dating, but they talked every day. For weeks he asked for her picture. When she sent one, he asked for more. She liked him. She believed him when he said he would delete them. By March, the middle school crush had fizzled, but he still had the three photos she sent. One day, another girl in their class saw one of them on his phone. The next day, while Maureen was hiding at home, she says he texted it around the lunch room.

(Please note some PCs will allow you to increase text size simply by holding down the and keys and using the wheel in the middle of the mouse to make the text larger and smaller.)If you are using Internet Explorer, go to the menu at the top of the browser window and select View, from the list of options, select Text Size. You will see a side menu open up; select the size you wish to view the website in.

1. Be more mindful of the words I use in my child's presence. I certainly don't curse when my son is around. But the fact that he recently repeated something that I said during a particularly stressful Christmas Eve moment "If you don't stop it right now I am going to lose my patience!" tells me that I could try harder to take a deep breath, gather my emotions and choose my catchphrases more carefully.

An Nvidia GeForce GTX 2070 Super is fast enough to keep up with the 90 Hz refresh rates of most modern head mounted displays (HMDs). Moreover, it includes a VirtualLink port for connecting next generation headsets with a single cable. That's not really a useful feature today, but it will likely come in handy the next time you consider upgrading your VR headset.Previously, we recommended the GeForce RTX 2070 in this position.

The storms came at a good time for Woods, who looked out of sorts for the two hours he was on the course. He muffed a difficult chip from well beyond the fourth green and had to make a 4 foot putt to escape with bogey. The real mess came at the par 5 seventh, when he leaked his tee shot just into a waste area, and hit that into the rough on the right. From there, his third shot sailed over the green into another waste area, and he blasted out to about 12 feet.

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